Joe Rogan and Freedom of Speech

Joe Rogan and Freedom of Speech

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Is there a right not to be offended? Of course not.

The freedom of speech, however, is a natural right. It comes from within each of us. Its essence is that individuals have a natural right to think as we wish and say what we think and listen to whomever we choose, and we do not need the government’s approval or a consensus of the loudest.

(…) Mr. Rogan has the natural right to say what he wants and to speak with whomever he pleases. For him, that is tempered only by his voluntary licensing agreement with #Spotify. And listeners have a right to listen to Mr. Rogan or not to listen. The Natural Law insulates the exercise of our rights from all incursions, not just the government. Neither you nor the government can legally take down my “Vote for Ron Paul” lawn sign.

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