I Have Been Contacted by an Officer Who Has Informed Me of the Following Information….

I Have Been Contacted by an Officer Who Has Informed Me of the Following Information….

By Staff Reporter

⁃ The reason the military are being deployed to do work within NSW communities and “assist” the police is because the NSW government is running out of their budget for the NSW police force and the budget for military is paid from the federal government (not state like NSW police).
⁃ We need to continue what we are doing to run the NSW state government out of money and exhaust their resources by stretching the police out as far as we can so they will run out of budget to be able pay them (no pay = no workers)
⁃ Majority of these fines are unlawful and they know it. DO NOT PAY THEM. Either send them back or take to court and backlog the system. (Shooting themselves in their own foot)
⁃ Most of the police hate what they are doing but need the money to feed their families – remember that they won’t be receiving government handouts for not going to work (maybe we can get some sort of a fund going to pay those who choose to stop serving the criminals and stand with us).
⁃ The detectives being made to investigate protestors and those not complying in the community have also had enough and hate what they are having to do. They can see that we are not criminals nor bad people (as opposed to who they have dealt with in the past) and it is taking a toll.
⁃ Majority of these people do not want to be vaccinated either.

This is from someone currently serving.

Now what you choose to do with this information is up to you. Everyone will have a different opinion. But nevertheless it is important to be aware of this.
This in my opinion is positive news and goes to show that NONE of our efforts are wasted.
We may not always get the outcome or effect that we desire but we are constantly hammering the wall and eventually there will be a crack somewhere.

Remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.
We must be persistent and United in our efforts.

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