Former Senator Rodney Culleton – Update on the Governor-General

Former Senator Rodney Culleton – Update on the Governor-General

By Maria Zeee


Australia saw Former Senator Rod Culleton, leader of the Great Australian Party serve the Governor-General two weeks ago.

Here’s what others had to say:

If you want to save Australia Vote The Great Australia Party over the other minorities! They have the knowledge and skills! God Bless

Rod and GAP have my vote. Sign up and become a GAP member. Vote for minor parties and put Labor, Libs, Green and Nationals absolute last during our next federal election in May. For our children’s future. We need to take our country back from the fake law and acting politicians. We need to take our power back.

He’s convinced me. Sign up to the GAP now. He makes more than enough sense and is not stating an ‘opinion’ but the LAW!

Wow, I really hope something good is actually going to happen in Australia for a change.

Great interview, Rod has the undeniable evidence to prove the claims of law he is repeating to the people. It is more than coincidence the GG has fled the scene of the crime and appointed a stooge in his place after he was lawfully served by duly sworn crown officials being Rod and Len to the dejure Commonwealth. The people have been lied to for generations now in preparation for this moment in time now. It started when the constitution was stopped being taught in schools, how would they know if they were being taken advantage of if they weren’t told the rights and freedoms as well as the limitations of government. The media corporations are also to blame and must be dismantled.

Rod need to make a understandable video that’s a time line, with facts. Without jokes.
I believe him. Just trying to get my head around it.

We are in a corporate defacto republic registered in Washington DC thanks to whitlams govt in 1973.
We the living sentient beings need to reclaim ourselves as the commonwealth of humanity. Morrison is a CEO of the Australian govt corporation he is also a pedophile wake up Australia its all on the internet do your research.

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