This Says So Much About What Is Wrong With Media

This Says So Much About What Is Wrong With Media

By Trump News

This says so much about what is wrong with media.


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Global genocide, brought to you by…

Mick Wall
Media?? You mean giant pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Burt, D.C., MUAC
Those who have $$$ control the nerative of what what your health should be like. Have been dealing with this for 20 years in my private practice. Kaiser patients with injuries run away from them as fast as they can. People are sick and tired of useless Ibuprofen and injections.

Joost Hagedoorn
Yes, we all believe what we see, even when it so obviously fake.

Al Pal
Fine with me if you stop taking pharmaceuticals of any kind. If you have a heart attack don’t go to the hospital but make sure you check first with q to find out the real truth behind it.

Jonathan Hodges
As well as government. The lobbying spend by big pharma lately has been epic too.

Money. Greed. Big pharma. Media. Sickening.

Shane Locke
Anyone know how to play Rollerball? Corporations will one day rule the world, or at least the part the Chinese Communists don’t.

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