Sydney’s Debt Sheep Are Scrambling Like Rats

Sydney’s Debt Sheep Are Scrambling Like Rats

By In the Interests of the People

With the RBA now tightening interest rates, what is critical to understand when the RBA will officially surrender to inflation is to look at forward leading indicators.

When it comes to the property market, Adams and North think there are three indicators which need to be paid close attention to, which are:

  • Consumer Confidence;
  • New property starts (something which Adams and North will come back to); and
  • Property listings.

Today, Adams and North are going to focus on residential property listings for Sydney and the surrounding regional suburbs using data from SQM Research.

Property listing data is a better forward leading indicator than credit, because vendors list their properties on the market before buyers and borrowers purchase property.

We should note in a previous show, Adams indicated that the three areas of the property which are likely to crack first are:

  • New housing estates;
  • Commercial property; and
  • Residential investor property.

Here’s what others had to say:

This is the content that Australian households should be tuning into every evening. Imagine just how different people’s financial situations would be if instead of watching the mainstream propaganda they actually got an education from these two. Great content guys 👍👍

Man I’m really glad I got obsessed with Macro and economic a few years ago after knowing next to nothing about the financial system. You both were a catalyst in that. Another good show lads.

One Eleven
The debt based economic model is going down fast & the general population has absolutely no idea 🤦‍♂️

Serene Cynic
A lot of investors are selling the properties that I have looked at, so you’re correct Martin regarding investors getting out. Time will tell the rest of the story from here!

Chrysus Group
Thus should be compulsory for all high school and uni students to watch as well. They won’t get this honest assessment and bare facts from other sources. Thanks again John and Martin.

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