Sydney Randwick Hospital Rewarding Non-Vaxxinated Expectant Mums in a Disgusting Manner

Sydney Randwick Hospital Rewarding Non-Vaxxinated Expectant Mums in a Disgusting Manner

By Sydney National Review

This is Randwick Women’s Hospital::: copied from concerned expecting parents

“Unfortunately this post is about an unvaccinated ‘unfriendly’ business but I think those who are expectant should be aware –

We went to the hospital yesterday in anticipation of the birth of our son. Despite assurances we would be treated well we were met outside by a nurse in hazmat gear, sections of the hospital were then closed down and we were paraded through while everybody (staff and patients) stared us down scornfully as if we were already highly infectious and a real threat.

We were then taken to the covid ward (two perfectly healthy people and an unborn child), not the birthing clinic, and told this is where we would be birthing our child unless we would submit to vaccination. We were then lectured, humiliated, and pressured for nearly two hours to try and get us to agree to being tested and vaccinated. We were told if we get vaccinated we could expect a level of service provided to the rest of the community and if we did not we could birth in the covid ward by ourselves with absolute minimal assistance from healthcare professionals. When I asked what would happen if my partner required medical assistance they said they would check in on us every fifteen minutes and if assistance was required it would be rendered, but only from a safe distance….wtf? They methodically chipped away at our confidence and then told us our child would be treated in the same manner once born if we don’t get the jab.

The fact that we live an isolated lifestyle aboard our yacht and have done since covid began, was ignored. When I told them our highest chance of catching covid was in the hospital or this covid ward they had bought us to, that too was ignored….

This is Australia. This is Randwick Woman’s Hospital in Sydney. Avoid them like the plague, they play you along with reassurances until one week before the due date then this is what you get, leaving you with absolutely no time to make alternate arrangements.”

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