Aussie Corruption With Big Phama

Aussie Corruption With Big Phama

By Cairns News


Australia is now in the eyes of the world as a dictatorship with this expose of the COVID generated hysteria obedient to the corrupt government who arrested, shot, beaten and brutalised when any freedom of speech threatened their agenda.

Here’s what others had to say:

1.2 million cars entered Canberra during the peaceful Convoy to Canberra protest confirmed by the AFP. let’s not forget that.

Trouble is most people in Australia are dumbass sheep. By the compliance records.

The political scenery in this country unfortunately is dominated by a Masonic band of murderers, they have no regard for the people who supposedly elected then to serve. From the Prime Minister down they do nothing but carry out the orders of their masters, the overlords who would see the worlds population reduced to half a billion. Psychopaths like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and their New World Order clowns.

Fascinating, would love to know WA’s Premier’s links to all of this..? Any takers..?

This is way beyond Greed, this is a conspiracy !!

Criminals guided by GREED, CONTROL, AND PERVERSITY. Government officials will not accept emails from me because my views oppose the agendas of these elite criminals.

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